Our Team

Board and Operations

Lennise Baptiste

Lennise Baptiste, Ph.D Chair, Board of Directors VP Education (Professional Training)

Una McPherson

Una McPherson, B.Sc., MBA Executive Director Caribbean Evaluators International

Claudia Nicholson

Claudia Nicholson B.Sc, M.A Vice President, Evaluation Practise and Consortium Member, Board of Directors

Chez Thomas

Chez Thomas, B.Sc. (Hons.) Vice President, Finance and Fundraising Member, Board of Directors

Curline Beckford

Curline Beckford B.Sc, M.Sc Vice President, Membership & Recruitment Member, Board of Directors

Valerie Gordon

Valerie Gordon, B.Sc., M.Phil Vice Chair, Board of Directors VP Research & Publications

Wycliffe Abrahms

Wycliffe Abrahms Economist (Research, Planning & Monitoring - Mining Industry) Member-at-Large Member, Board of Directors

Paulette Griffiths

Paulette Griffiths, Ph.D Country-lead, Jamaica Member, Board of Directors