Caribbean Evaluators International (CEI) is an independent voluntary organization of professional evaluators with Caribbean roots, and affiliate professional organisations across the globe. We also welcome persons from all levels of the public and private sector, and civil society who must interact with evaluation professionals in their working lives.


To increase individual and regional evaluation capacity, advocating for the use of appropriate evaluation practices and methods, and the use of regional evaluators.


The CEI will be a regional VOPE recognized for promoting excellence in evaluation standards and practices, while strengthening evaluation capacity.


The Caribbean Evaluators International has five core values, ethics, reliability, capacity building, collaboration & cooperation and working with diversity.

We value high quality, culturally responsive, ethical evaluation practices that contribute to the development results of the region.

We value commitment, transparency, confidentiality, integrity, efficiency and effectiveness.

We value continuous professional development of our members.

We value collaboration and cooperation through the building and sustaining of relationships with evaluation associations in the regional and international communities.

We value working with diversity through working with professionals from different disciplines, cultures, geographical locations, with special needs, and different levels of evaluation knowledge and competence.